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The spectra of plasma lamp is very similar to the Sun both for its heat light source (IR) and the luminescence characteristic of the Sun’s visible light.

The EcoPlasma™ is high efficiency, energy saving and probably the highest quality artificial light source in the world.

The Sun on Earth
lrelative cost

The visible light spectra of the EcoPlasma™ is very similar to the sun’s however, compared to all other lighting technologies the ultraviolet and the infrared of the EcoPlasma™ is very low.

The EcoPlasma™ is especially suited to all environments where light quality is essential; The colour temperature of the bulb is designed for high definition filming and broadcasting, with a true full spectrum ideal for human beings in Hospitals, Schools, Stadiums, Land, Water and Air Traffic Control maximising alertness and visual acuity, in fact anywhere there are living things there should be an EcoPlasma™ making them healthy.

The fan inside the plasma lamp utilises a high temperature motor design from Japan ensuring a long lifetime of at least 20,000Hrs.

The technical grade magnetron used has been adopted so that it has a conversion efficiency of over 75% (industrial grade is about 70%) and because of the TSLZ management technology can also expect to have a long lifetime of at least 20,000Hrs.

Several newly implemented design ideas have been used in the EcoPlasma™’s microwave system, lighting source system and the light distribution system, so the EcoPlasma™’s generally have 20% higher light efficiency than similar lighting products manufactured elsewhere.

The EcoPlasma™ uses its particular resonant power conversion technique; it not only can achieve more than 93.5% efficiency but also has exceptionally high reliability due to fundamental design innovations. There is no electrolytic capacitor in the AC/DC conversion stage, so the inverter can run for more than 100,000Hrs before the time to first failure.

The EcoPlasma operational environment temperature can be up to 60°C and it can cope with grid voltage ripple from -20% to +30%. We know of no other light source that can reach this top level performance.

The EcoPlasma™ is available with step-less light dimming function (30% to 100%), which you can manually adjust using a rotating or sliding variable resistor. Alternatively the MCU can be adjusted remotely using a control signal between 0V-2.5V

The light quality and efficiency of the EcoPlasma™ is far greater than classical light sources such as incandescent lamp (Pb), fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury vapour lamp, high pressure sodium vapour lamp, Induction lamp and LED’s (As).

The EcoPlasma™ offers environmental protection as there is no need for lead (Pb) arsenic (As) or mercury (Hg) vapour for the device to work.

The EcoPlasma™ 900W (EP900) has frequently exceeded its standard specification producing excellent luminous efficiencies of more than 150lm/W. One EP900 can take the place of 400 pieces of 60W incandescent lamps or 300 pieces of 40W common fluorescent lamps Because of the high colour rendering property, EP900 is approximately two times better than 1kW ceramics metal halide lamp made by Philips.

The EcoPlasma™ has superior colour rendering properties compared to all the other man-made light sources. On full power the colour rendering index can reach over 90 and excel the classic light source. The spectra of EcoPlasma™ is truly continuous, very well-proportioned and very similar to the Sun’s. The output light energy curve is stable and the peak value is near 500nm, so the colour appears pure white to humans.

Visual clarity and acuity is at its peak for humans seeing with EcoPlasma light. For example; people can see words with 1.5mm high characters clearly and easily to read newspapers and books that may be as far as 70m from EcoPlasma when fitted with the 600mm calibre reflector system.

Higher luminous flux maintenance ratio
During its entire lifetime the EcoPlasma keeps a very stable luminous flux, so there is a massively higher luminous flux maintenance ratio to the EcoPlasma than all other lamps.

The diagram below shows the maintenance ratio contrast of some lamps:

How Does Plasma Compare to other Light Sources?
lumens per watt
Life Time
Relative Cost
lrelative cost
Key Technical Indicators:
Lifetime >60000Hrs
Colour Rendering Index Ra>75
System Luminous Efficiency >122Lm/W
No Mercury (Hg) pollution, and very little light decay (<2%, after first 10,000 Hrs)
Colour Temperature 5700K
The power level of the EcoPlasma 900W refers to the RF power, not the system power which is closer to 1200W
System Specifications
(with Standard Sulphur Bulb):
Designation: TSLZ
Model: EcoPlasma™ 900
System Power: 1200W, Nominal 6A, 230 VAC
Luminous Flux: >128,000 lm
Magnetron Power: 900W
Emissions Standard: Fully EC compliant (2011)
Power Factor: >0.85
Spectral shift: <10%
Discharge bulb: Electrodeless, Sulphur based
Correlated Colour Temperature: 5,700K
Luminous efficiency: 106 lm/W
IR Output: >780nm 8.0%
Colour Rendering Index: 86
Total Heat: <27%
UV output: <380nm 0.14%
Service: Magnetron change every 20,000Hr
Convected & Conducted Heat: <19%
Cooling: Air Cooled 90W
Design Lifetime: ca. 60,000Hr
Mass of Lamp Unit: Approx. 14Kg
Cooling of system: 1 x Fan 59dB
Environment Temperature: -20oC to +45oC
Lamp Unit Size: L400 x W270 x H220 mm
Restart Interval Time after Power Off : 10 minutes
Full, Continuous & Highly
Efficient Spectrum
Lamp Power Rating
Lamp Efficiency 120Lm/W
Envelope Sphere
Outer Diameter
Lamp Rotation 0 to 3800rpm
Electrical Performance
Output data
Anode power
determined by
Filament current
6A to12A Typically 6A to 7A with thermal equilibrium
>93.5% at full power
Approvals & Environment
EN 61010
Harmonics conducted
EN 61000-3z
EN 61000-6- 3 Emission (Industry),
EN 61000-6-2
Ambient Limits
-20oC to +45oC
(Non Condensing)
TSLZ EcoPlasma System
System Power Rating
System Efficiency
106Lm/W (128Klm)
Lamp Life
Magnetron Life
Total System Weight
Lamp Unit Size
L400 x W270 x H220mm
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