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Nikola Tesla - The Forgotten Father of Today & Tomorrow

Plasma International works with high frequencies and high voltages, and thus we are frequently referencing the theories of the original “mad scientist” Nikola Tesla and the thoughts of his best friend, Mark Twain.

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The life and work of Nikola Tesla is in the focus of interest above all for his ingenuity and contribution to world science and engineering. Had the alternating electric current system been the only thing he ever invented, the name of Nikola Tesla would still remain permanently inscribed on the list of the most renowned people whose work has been of pivotal importance for the development of civilization.

Moreover, knowing that Tesla invented or theoretically anticipated almost all technical devices people are using today, with which he helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution, his role becomes immeasurable.

Tesla wrote more than 1800 patents, most now “missing”. See 135 Tesla patents. Tesla gave us alternating current and the first hydro-electric dam powered from Niagara Falls When Nikola Tesla discovered the electron, he wrote to J.J. Thomson in 1891 saying his experiments prove the existence of charged particles ("small charged balls"). After Tesla died in 1943 the Supreme Court of the USA overturned Marconi's patent of modern radio in favour of Nikola Tesla. The Truth.

Nikola Tesla
Einstein & Tesla

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”.

That was a quote from Albert Einstein pictured here with Tesla. Tesla had nothing but contempt for the "physics" of Einstein. He absolutely believed in the ether and the possibility of taking electricity out of this ether without splitting the atom and causing dangerous radiation. Tesla didn't think about splitting these atoms to obtain enormous power in such a potentially hazardous manner.

He knew that his system of wireless transmission harnessed to Niagara Falls was a safe template to be copied again and again to provide all the safe, clean power that was necessary to run the modern industrial world.

At the beginning of the war, the US government desperately searched for a way to detect German submarines. Thomas Edison was put in charge of the search and when Tesla proposed the use of energy waves ( what we know today as radar) to detect these ships, Edison rejected Tesla's idea as completely ludicrous.

A Few of Tesla’s Inventions:

1. Tesla Coil & auto ignition system
2. AC induction engine (no carbon brushes)
3. Solar powered engines
4. Transmitting Power without Wires (called WiTriciity in 2007)
5. Seeing by Telephone and wirelessly (TV & Radio)
6. A Means of Employing Electricity as a Fertiliser
7. Fluorescent Lighting & neon lights.
8. Specialized lighting and a precursor to the X-ray machine
9. Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft
10. Terrestrial Stationary Waves
11. Robotics
12. Meters
13. Valvular Conduit
14. Earthquake Machine
15. Magnifying transmitter
16. Laser
17. Death Rays
18. Thermo-Electric Power
19. X-Ray machine
20. Radar
21. Electrotherapeutics and Biotronics
22. Computing Logic Circuits/Remote Control/Communications
23. Bladeless Turbine
24. Solar Tower

how it works
Worlds First Hydro-Electric Powerhouse

At Niagra Falls, Tesla was the first to successfully harness the mechanical energy of flowing water. Change it to electrical energy, and distribute it to distant homes and industries. His revolutionary model set the standard for hydroelectric power as we know it to day. Since his childhood, Tesla had dreamed of harnessing the power of the great natural wonder. And in late 1893, his dream became a reality, when Westinghouse was awarded the contract to create the powerhouse. It was the most likely power source for Tesla's wirelessly powered car.... think about that..

In the past NASA used a 12 mile long wire, it charged freely from the potential electricity in the area above the magnetosphere. Tesla knew this, and NASA used his research to launch STS 75.. The tether incident of STS 75 launched in 1997 proved the fact that electricity can be produced in abundance for free, unexpectedly it produced many, many more times the voltage than was originally expected, and calculated. All this power was free energy, the technology was theorized by the man of light himself, Nicola Tesla.

"All matter comes from a primary substance, the luminiferous ether," stated Nikola Tesla. He sensed the universe was "composed of a symphony of alternating currents with the harmonies played on a vast range of octaves,". To explore the whole range of electrical vibration, he sensed, would bring him closer to an understanding of the cosmic symphony. Tesla understood that the cosmic symphony is resonance. Nothing exists in the Universe that does not have harmonic vibration.

Tesla Taps the Cosmos Tesla’s patents in this direction are based on alleged discovery by him that when cosmic rays or radiations are permitted to fall upon or impinge against an insulated conducting body P connected to one terminal of a condenser, such as C in Fig. 4, while the other terminal of the condenser is made by independent means to receive or carry away electricity, a current flows into the condenser so long as the insulated body P is exposed to such rays; so that an indefinite, yet measurable, accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser takes place. This energy, after a suitable time interval, during which the rays are allowed to act in the manner aforementioned, may manifest itself in a powerful discharge, which may be utilized for the operation or control of a mechanical or electrical device consisting of an instrument R, to be operated and a circuit-controlling device d (Fig. 4).


Britis Patent 11,293
Nikola Tesla

Tesla bases his theory on the fact that the earth is negatively charged with electricity and he considers same to act as a vast reservoir of such a current. By the action of cosmic rays on the plate P there is an accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser C. A feeble current is flows continuously into the condenser and in a short time it becomes charged to a relatively high potential, even to the point of rupturing the dielectric. This accumulated charge can then, of course, be used to actuate any device desired.
An illustration of a proposed form of apparatus which may be used in carrying out his discovery is referred to in Fig.4.

Nikola Tesla
Centre to Tesla’s Letterhead was the antenna of Tesla's "World's radio station" which he constructed in Long Island in the vicinity of New York, it testifies his farsightedness and ingenuity. His idea was that this station, build in 1900 should by remote wireless control transmit throughout the world not only the news but music and photographs as well. However, that great plan could not be carried out because when it was realised free unmetered energy could be made available to everyone Tesla’s funding was terminated and his tower was destroyed. In 1960 the International Commission for Electrical Engineering, at its session in Philadelphia decided that the unit of magnetic induction is to be universally called “Tesla".
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Company headed paper
Nikola Tesla
mark twain
Nikola Tesla

Tesla had a several friends including possibly only one scientist, Elmer Sperry and several non-scientific friends the closest of which was probably Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) pictured here with one of Tesla’s lamps in his laboratory.

The Problem Of Increasing Human Energy With Special References to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy.


Electrotherapeutics - Nikola Tesla discovered that alternating currents of high frequency (10kHz or greater) could pass over the body without harm. In fact, levels of electrical energy that would prove fatal at a reduced frequency could be tolerated when the frequency was above l0kHz. During his lecture before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) at Columbia College on May 20, 1891, Tesla predicted that medical use would be made of this phenomenon. A year later, d'Arsonval independently reported similar observations on the physiological effects of high frequency currents before the Society of Biology in Paris. In early 1892, Tesla met d'Arsonval on a lecture tour of France where Tesla was pleasantly surprised to find that d'Arsonval used his oscillators to investigate the physiological effects of high frequency currents.

It is clear from Nikola Tesla's lectures and publications beginning in 1891 that he was the first to discover that radio frequency (rf) currents could be employed safely for therapeutic benefits, Tesla also suggested that rf currents could be used for other medical purposes--the sterilization of wounds, as an anesthesia, for stimulation of the skin, and to produce surgical incisions. As Patton H. McGinley, Ph.D., of the Emory Cancer Clinic has stated: History has not been kind to Tesla in the sense that the credit for all of the pioneering work in the field of electrotherapy has gone almost exclusively to d'Arsonval.

Logic Circuits/Remote Control/Communications.

Tesla was a pathfinder in rf communication and communication theory. In the early 1890s, Tesla entertained the scientist and general public alike with his demonstrations of high frequency, high voltage experiments. This type of electricity was virtually unheard of, indeed, even unimaginable, before Tesla developed the Tesla coil and demonstrated it before the IEE at an 1891 lecture in London, England.

Tesla's experiments with high frequency, high voltage electricity continued throughout the decade. During this period, he invented several types of lights based on this unique power source. In fact, he utilized fluorescent lighting in his laboratory thirty years before it was to be in general use in industry. Perhaps it is because of these experiments, Tesla believed that wireless power was possible!

In 1898, at Madison Square Gardens he publicly demonstrated a remote control submersible boat. This clearly established that Tesla was a man years-decades-ahead of conventional science and technology! In this amazing feat of engineering, he incorporated the use AND gates (logic circuits), digital communication, electromechanical interfacing (robotics), and radio--all of which were virtually undeveloped (and unimaginable) at the time! Despite the Madison Square demonstration, the Navy turned its back on Tesla's invention at the time because it was too advanced for them to comprehend.

Wireless Transmission of Power

Tesla considered his crowning achievement to be the wireless transmission of power at Colorado Springs in 1899. In 1900, upon his return to New York, Century Magazine published Tesla's article, The Problem of Increasing Human Energy which was amply illustrated with photos from Tesla's Colorado Springs lab.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla's work in Colorado Springs allowed him to return to New York to pursue the next phase of the wireless technology development... the construction of a full scale transmitter at Wardenclyffe on Long Island. To do this required immense amounts of money... money which Tesla did not have at the time. To get the money, Tesla approached the one person in New York who would have the sums necessary... J. Pierpont Morgan.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

In The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, Tesla laid out his vision for the evolution of power production and the furtherance of mankind. It is quite a remarkable philosophical work in that it gives us deep insight to Tesla's thought formation processes. Perhaps when J.P. Morgan read this fine essay, he realized how dangerous Tesla was to the status quo and decided to fund Tesla's work in order to control the direction that Tesla's work took.

Unfortunately, Tesla's funds ran out halfway through the project and the Morgan interests refused to further fund Tesla's work. Tesla was forced into bankruptcy and his beloved Wardenclyffe tower was destroyed on the pretext of "national security!" Bankrupted and cut off from funds, Tesla nevertheless continued his work in a new field... mechanical engineering.

Means of Employing Electricity as a Fertiliser

Not the least ingenious of Tesla's great schemes is was an invention to fertilise impoverished land by electricity. No longer would it be necessary for the farmer to spend half his year's receipts in purchasing fertilisers, he only had to buy an electric fertilizer machine of his own. Dumping a few loads of loose earth into the fertiliser machine, it comes out at the other end, ready to be spread over the surface of the impoverished ground, where it will insure for the following season the luxurious crop of the virgin soil.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

The explanation which Tesla gave of just why so simple a piece of work should be productive of such wonderful results is not difficult to comprehend. " Everyone knows," said Tesla, " that the constituent of a fertiliser which makes the ground productive is its nitrogen. Everybody knows also that nitrogen forms four-fifths of the volume of the atmosphere above that piece of unfertile land. This being the case it occurred to me: 'Where is the sense in the farmer buying expensive nitrogen when he has it free of cost at his own door? All the agriculturist needs is some method by which he can separate some of this nitrogen from the atmosphere above the ground and place it on the surface.' And it was to discover this means that I set to work."

As far as the non-technical eye can perceive, the working model of the electric fertiliser consists of nothing but an upright copper cylinder with a removable top, with a spiral coil of wire running throughout the length of the cylinder. Through the bottom of the cylinder are two wires, which connect with a specially constructed dynamo. A quantity of loose earth, treated by a secret chemical preparation in liquid form, is shovelled into the cylinder, a high frequency electric current is passed through the confined atmosphere; the oxygen and hydrogen are thus expelled, and the nitrogen which remains is absorbed into the loose earth. There is thus produced as strong a fertiliser for a nominal price at home, rather than purchase at a large cost miles and miles away.

Tesla Bladeless Turbine

In an effort to return to profitability, Tesla developed a new type of bladeless pump and turbine that would have reduced the conventional pumps and turbines to the scrap heap. His initial work at the Watertown Power Station in New York indicated that his method could take advantage of the latent power of vaporization by using saturated steam. Later, he worked with Allis-Chalmers engineers in Milwaukee to develop the turbine. However, internal friction led to the disruption of the project and it was abandoned. Scientists today continue to scour through his notes. Many of his far-flung theories are just now being proven by our top scientists. For example, Tesla’s bladeless disk turbine engine, when coupled with modern materials, is proving to be the most efficient motor ever designed.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

Teslas 1901 patented experiments with cryogenic liquids and electricity provide the foundation for modern superconductors. He talked about experiments that suggested particles with fractional charges of an electron - something that scientists in 1977 finally discovered - quarks!

When Albert Einstein turned the world upside down with his theory of relativity, the only one who opposed him was Tesla. According to Tesla, Einstein’s relativity wasn’t sufficiently relative. He proved to Einstein that he could create velocities that are much greater than the speed of light. He considered Constant C the basis, and not the fastest velocity in the universe.


There are three things to think about Tesla when talking about this particular project. The first ... we should think of Tesla every time we look at a microwave oven; again the radiation frequency of the microwave oven and the concept of the microwave oven was Tesla's.
The second thing is, it is a frequency transformer. Tesla, with the Tesla coil, changes one frequency to another frequency. What we are doing up there, we're taking at 5 megahertz a frequency which radiates in the ground and we transform it into 1 hertz, 5 hertz, 10 hertz, or whatever it is. So we have really a frequency transformer similar to what Tesla was thinking. Third, and most important, once we create the waves they propagate exactly the way Tesla conceived it through the earth ionosphere waveguide. Source: Selections from an interview with Dr. Dennis Papadopoulos Professor of Physics, University of Maryland Senior Science Advisor, H.A.A.R.P (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

Tesla was one of the world's most original and greatest inventors and thinkers, but because he was so original and out of his time, his genius was mistaken for insanity and science fiction. Tesla technology is still promising, it continues to run up against a wall of "organized opposition". Tesla was a “true” inventor in that he did not merely improve on existing technology, but instead he had a tendency to create entire new industries with his radical ideas. Although much of Tesla's work remains to be reconstructed, he will at least be an active topic of discussion well into the 21st century.

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